Some critical remarks and alternative suggestions. (Pesso-congres Amsterdam, 1992)

Louis Sommeling copyright


Rethinking concepts of sexology is necessary in these day’s of women’s Lib as a sexologist.  I am not primarily concerned with specific sexual abuse but rather with the general subtle hidden agression of our macho-culture and his reflections in ordinary people and their daily difficulties to build up an emotional adult and sexual real intimate relationship between modern men and selfconfident women (Sommeling, 1992).
Unwrapping masculinity we have not only to critize the division of labour, the division of housework and childcare, the division between paid and unpaid work, the creation of ‘mens’s jobs and women’s jobs ‘, but in a male ordered society there seems to be a hidden second major structure (Cockburn,1988). It has to do with the pattering of object-choice, desire and desirability; with the antagonism of gender (woman-hating, man-hating, self-hatred); with solidarity in relationship. In this structure of cathexis we are in a space for making a new map of a our human world and it his here that Psychotherapy has to do his work.

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